Real Estate Advantages to the Revelstoke Shoulder Season

Winter is coming

Having originated in Southern Alberta, where the transition seasons are short (and water is sparse), we are truly grateful for the length and unbelievable splendor of the shoulder seasons in Revelstoke.  For many years it has been a time of peace for the locals, when many of our beloved tourists take a break from traveling through and return to their work and school in their home cities.  That’s changing somewhat as the local population grows and people discover the charm of visiting during the shoulder seasons; but they are still distinctly slower.

Besides being uniquely beautiful for all the reasons that a splendid fall or spring will be in a temperate rain forest, there is some really distinct impacts on the real estate market as a result which offer opportunity.  On the commercial side, historically the shoulder seasons have created real seasonal highs and lows in traffic resulting it being in some past years a challenge to maintain staffing and healthy overall annual sales.  As a result and an opportunity, commercial space is priced far less than residential to purchase and lease rates are a value.  Combine that with higher traffic amounts in high season and low seasons having more people coming through now and there are some great opportunities for purchasing commercial in Revelstoke.

On the residential side, historical sales favor May through August in Revelstoke and those properties that are still on market come October face the dilemma of sharpening their offering price or potentially going stale from time on market.  This offers an opportunity to look at properties sitting through the summer and make some realistic purchase bids.  Alternatively on the selling side, what does one do when you want to sell as shoulder season is coming.  Mainly, get going on those late summer and fall photos because come mid November the leaves will be done and soon everything will be buried in snow.  Let us strategize with you on a plan to make the best of a marketing program that has exceptional outreach, regardless of the time of year.

The main sidebar on the shoulder seasons is that they are awesome in Revelstoke!  The rainforest offers a beauty this time of year unmatched the rest of the year where you can adventure under the canopy, forage, adventure, forest bathe (that’s a real thing worth pursuing).  The ambiance and small town charm is more evident as everyone is less rushed, including the real estate market! To take full advantage of all the real estate opportunities, talk to a Revelstoke Real Estate Expert.