Living in Revelstoke

Revelstoke Living came about as a collective effort to somehow try to satisfy describing what it is like to live here, in one of the most wonderful places on earth.  It sounds big, or bragging, perhaps exaggerated but in reality whether you look at the overall environment in Revy from a comparative or purely intrinsic standpoint, it is absolutely amazing.  One small caveat, subject to perspective for appreciation, is you need to appreciate the beauty of nature for it is abundant and enveloping here. 

The jaw dropping mountain, lake, valley, meadow and rainforest views along with their ecologies is totally immersive if you are into being immersed in nature.  It helps if you are open to the various modes of adventure travel, on skis, bikes, rafts, foot of other to combine those pleasures with being in nature.

Beyond the aesthetic of nature, there is a culture, a culinary multicultural farm to table scene, a small town originating friendliness that pervades society.  Its necessary to understand and appreciate the nuances of daily living, how to make a living, where to get fresh produce and eggs.  People meeting and life in the Revelstoke bubble are balanced against the resources of those places that span out in proximity to Revelstoke.   The international travelers, the B.C. coast, Alberta, Quebec, New Zealand & Australia, each bringing direct diversity to the scene.

Accomodations in all their forms, from home ownership to rentals of varying terms along with the challenges and opportunities prevalent make up a prominent study of appreciation here at Revelstoke Living.  Revelstoke is a mountain Mecca that has grown slowly due to it taking a little bit more of an effort to get here and stay here.  Those who have discovered it, often prize it above being anywhere else on earth.  Find out why and become part of the Adventure of living in Revelstoke